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We have a range of plant machinery that we lease out to the trade or public. If you’re looking to reduce costs by renting equipment & putting in some labour time yourself… We can help you. We’ll deliver the kit to your doorstep and collect it when you’re finished at a reasonable day rate.

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Plant Hire

See below an overview of the equipment we regularly rent out. Our kit is effective for small to medium construction projects that require more than a little elbow grease.

If you’re unsure, ask us for more information and we will be able to advise you the most cost-effective option available.

1.8 Tonne Mini Digger

1.8 Tonne Mini Digger

Suitable for small to medium working areas, These diggers have retractable tracks which will allow you to gain access to even the smallest areas.

2.6 Tonne Mini Digger

Suitable for medium to large working areas , Ideal for digging foundations or levelling patio areas or projects that are larger scale.

Hi-Tip Dumper

Our Compact dumper which is ideal for loading skips where moving large quantities on materials in hard to get areas.

Mini Digger Attachments

Breaker - Pallet Forks - Post hole boarer - Riddle buckets

Are you thinking of hiring equipment?

Leasing equipment can be very cost-effective if you have the time freely available. However, if you’ve never used machinery before… What would take you a week, may take our team one day as we’re fast and effective on site. It’s worth comparing the cost of the rental, the time you’re going to have to put into the project vs the cost of us taking a load off your hands.

We’re happy to put together two quotes for you to consider and choose the best one suitable for you.

People often ask us...


Contact us directly if you have any more questions!

Yes, a member of our team will deliver and collect the equipment from you and provide initial training on how to correctly and safely use any leased equipment.

Although you may pay less money to hire equipment alone, rather than hire our team to carry out the work… You should consider the time it will take an inexperienced operator to carry out the task at hand. We will advise you of the best options at the time. What may take you a few days, an experience team at RWJ Joinery could have done in a morning.

Yes, the longer you hire the equipment, the better the rates we provide.